Discover the advantages of Validation

  • Improved accuracy

    Having experts within your organisation contribute to the translation process guarantees the most accurate translations for your mission-critical content.

  • Total access

    You can validate and comment translations, from any location and on any platform.

When to use validation

Semantix Validation is for those times when you need an extra pair of eyes on your most valuable content, such as technical product documentation that only your in-house experts are familiar with.

How easy is it?


Just a click away 

Once your translation is available in Semantix Language HUB, start the validation process within a few clicks from the Validation add-on in the Hub toolbar.


Intuitive and convenient

The validation process is as simple as clicking improve, editing the translation or adding a comment.


Enable greater consistency

The translations are updated according to the comments and amendments from your local offices.

Simplified validation process

Manually validating your organisation’s multilingual content can be a huge task. You have to keep track of your validators, ensure they deliver their feedback on time and in the right format. With the Semantix Validation add-on, all of this is available in one simple, cloud-based interface. Not only does it help you stay more organised, validators can preview their changes using the intuitive table-style validation interface.

Total translation management

Semantix Validation is one of a growing number of add-ons available for Semantix Language HUB, our simple-to-use solution for keeping total control over your organisation’s translation activities.

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