Hold on while we translate your file!

Perfect when you have a tight deadline and need to quickly produce comprehensible translations.

This add-on is the ideal solution if you have a recurring need of fast translations, particularly when handling internal and sensitive information. If the general essence of a text is all you need from your translation, machine translation offers a perfectly acceptable alternative.

Get your presentation translated on time…

Use machine translation when getting the general meaning across is sufficient, such as with social media updates, manuals, presentations, forums or message boards. Apply translation memories to remember your key terms, and the machine translation is good for translating web content and web pages.

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Upload entire documents and get the it back with the layout in place

Use the secure machine translation add-on and say goodbye to tedious copying and pasting. Regardless of how much content you need to translate, the add-on handles whatever you can throw at it and lets you translate entire files while retaining the formatting of the original document. 

Our standalone solution now simply integrated into Semantix Language HUB

Our stand-alone Secure Machine Translation-portal is now seamlessly integrated into the Semantix Language HUB. The machine translation add-on is intuitive and designed around a model of least effort interaction for end users. You don’t need any external programs and the add-on is easily accessed from the toolbar in the HUB.

Simply choose your source language and the languages you need the text translated to. You can either write or copy and paste the text straight into the HUB interface or upload a document.

Why secure machine translation matters

  • Complying with data security requirements is becoming ever more challenging. By translating your content securely within the Semantix Language HUB, it means one less thing to worry about.
  • With the ever-increasing volume of information being generated by companies around the world, machine translation helps you keep up in your own language – and with the secure machine translation add-on – lets you do it securely.